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Two producers, one from Brooklyn, NY via Maryland and the other from Toronto via Grenada meet casually on Myspace. The experimental hip hop turntablist Cheldon Paterson, connects with the soulful voiced button pusher Vanese Smith, both citing Portishead, Bjork and Herbert as influences. Creating and performing music under their aliases SlowPitch and Pursuit Grooves, they decided to bring their specialties together to create a lush rhythmical dreamscape that surrounds you with equal parts love and bump. Mixing live recorded synth arrangements with meticulous drum programming, GuSHee creates an electronic wonderland. These nine tracks on their self titled debut LP will take you to the evening happy hour, the late night cuddle to the morning sunrise and back again.


"Making Babies - With percussion as dainty as an elf’s purple footstep, Gushee glides us towards dawn. Misty melodies, a vocal that’s covered in the dew of a freshness and a thrum of machines far far below in the mix. Beautiful electronic music." Clash Magazine

"This is a fantastic debut by a broken beat power couple." Exclaim Magazine

"Ranging from hushed lobe tickling to cracked, Georgia Anne Muldrow-like soul and naif, Little Dragon styles. Lush." Boomkat

"GuSHee is the future." Okayplayer

booking: Nita Perry | gusheefly(at)gmail(dot)com



released March 8, 2011

Produced by C. Paterson and V. Smith (Socan, BMI)



all rights reserved


GuSHee Toronto, Ontario

GuSHee is a duo of musical storytellers who create folktronic soul presented through thematic performances incorporating multimedia and visual props. Using their voices through loop machines and effects processors in conjunction with electronic and organic found sounds, GuSHee creates imaginative stage shows that range from educational to political to comical, and above all rhythmical. ... more

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Track Name: When I Think Of You... Sunshine

Am I aware
Of my day
And all the people
That I pass along the way
Do I stare
Or say hello
Or put my head down
And pretend that I’m alone
Do I hum
When I stroll
Or do I look around
For things that I don’t know
Do I wish
For more time
Or do I spend the moment
Like it’s sunshine

I’m fine.. Sunshine

Do I sway
Bounce when I laugh
Talk to myself
About the day I had
Is my head
Up in the clouds
Maybe I question
Too many doubts
Always creating
Even rehearse
Counting my many steps
For every verse
My solitude
In focus view
Travel is pleasure
I feel brand new

I feel brand new
Track Name: Like Magic

Give us details of your journey
Give us details about your path
Let us know about your travels
And the visions that you had
Were the trees so gently swinging
Was the grass so vividly green
Did you feel like you were singing
With a glow that made you beam

You are magic
We are magic

Sometimes I want to be grounded
Some days I want to fly
In my dreams I have wings
So steady I can glide
Leisurely i am floating
Staring off into space
Wondering about our future
Wishing for the perfect place

You are magic
We are magic
Track Name: Dream Texturizer

You think that I don't see the wind for the birds
You feel that I ignore all the signs
But you know me so much better

You think that I can dream up destiny
You feel that I don't see the shapes and the lines
But you know me so much better
Track Name: The Way Up

Glaring matter makes it fatter
When you stuff your face with nonsense matter
Shatter the brain
Fracture your brain
Never, fracture your brain
Be that simple

On the way up
In the plane
You were way up in my mind
Track Name: Making Babies

Tell me when the right time
Is it in the night time
You know whats on my mind
Tell me when you've got time
You know where to find me
What I meant to say the other day...